Every day, you fight with curly hair in the gym and try to put together bigger weapons. You have noticed some impressive results, but there is only one problem: your arms are not wide enough. When you build a larger bicep width, they look cool from the side, but they look uncomfortable from the front. Keep reading to find some simple steps to build a phenomenon weapon.

This can be said to be the most important reminder of the construction of a larger weapon. Many beginners make a mistake when they focus on pressing when they exercise their arms. This can burn some calories, but it does not help much to develop muscle. All you have to do is try to use a pump so your muscles can get the blood and nutrients they need to grow.

The pump also stretches the fascia, which is a tight sheath around the muscles. If the fascia is too tight, it will prevent your muscles from growing. But when you pump, you apply a swelling force to the sheath, creating more room for muscle growth. In order to get the best effect of increasing the width of the arm, be it a bench press or a tilting curl with dumbbells, you can focus on the pump with each arm workout.

Do not forget your triceps
You focus on your biceps and exercise your forearms regularly. But if your arm does not increase in width, it may be because you are not focused on the right muscle: your triceps. Although they are the largest muscle group around the arm, when people try to arm larger arms, the triceps are often forgotten. As you develop your triceps, your arms will look great even if you do not bend them. Here are some useful tips to help you build your triceps:

In addition to the usual exercises, be sure to include shoulder presses, bench presses and dumbbell presses.
To make sure that each head of the triceps reaches the same level of development, use cables, dumbbells and weights to alternate between stretching exercises and make sure that the triceps are operated from different angles.
The width of the building requires construction quality. To increase the mass in the triceps, you can add a lot of weight to the exercise program, add weight to the armpit and press the bench press.

You can focus even more on the weakness of the triceps through the push of the reverse cable. All you have to do is use the reverse grip to secure the overhead cable and then stretch the arm down without bending the elbow. This will work inside your arm and build quality effectively around the area.

All curls
You already know that curls are important to build bigger weapons. But are you training with the right curls to get a wider arm? There are several types of curls that can use your power to build the width of your arm:

Missionary curls: the missionary curls help develop the lower area of ​​the biceps. Stretch your arms on your chest and support the missionary bench against your chest. In this position, your arm will be at an angle and the lower half of the muscle will be subject to more stress. Be sure to stretch your arms completely on the bottom of each delegate and resist the weight when you do. Avoid leaning back to put pressure on your biceps for optimal growth.

6 keys for wider and thicker weapons: fitness, bodybuilding, hypertrophy, biceps, triceps, forearms

1.NO. Standing biceps curl: standing biceps curl, will develop the overall quality of your biceps. They are not as complicated as the missionary’s curly hair, but they are very effective in building larger weapons. Keep your feet shoulder width apart, hold the lever with one hand and make sure your hands are shoulder width apart. Make sure your elbows do not move and move closer to your body. In the ascending and descending parts of the movement, the trajectory of the bar must be at a wide arc of the body.

2.NO. Hammer curls: hammer curls involve holding and moving a dumbbell as if it were a hammer hitting a nail. The difference is that you must do this slowly. By pressing the dumbbell towards the top, firmly squeeze the upper arm. This will result in the greatest pumping effect, which will increase your effort in the wider arm.

Switch to a device with thicker bars to maximize your workload. These types of bars not only help you develop the strength of your upper body, but also exercise the muscles around your body. Try to incorporate them into exercises that require the use of curl with dumbbells and inclined curls.

3.NO. Give a little love to your forearm
If you really care about a sensational arm, you’ll want to avoid using “turkey wings”. You do not need biceps

4.NO.Wrist curls: the wrist curls act on the internal muscles of the forearms. To do this exercise, cross the bench and place the forearms on top, with the wrists and hands hanging over the ends. Hold the bar with your hand and stabilize the elbow by blocking the knees on it. Bend the wrist and slowly lower the weight to the floor. Once the limit is reached, loosen the handle, support with your fingers and remove the weight from the palm of your hand. Wait a few seconds, then raise the weight as much as possible without lifting the forearm.

5.NO. Reverse wrist curl: In addition to forearm work, the reverse bar curl also applies to the outer area of ​​the biceps. The best way to carry out this exercise is in the work bench of the missionary. Keep your hands 10 inches apart and use them on the bar. The idea is to make sure that your arms are parallel to the floor. Now bend the wrist forward while lowering the lever as much as possible. Once the limit is reached, lift your wrist and do not move your forearm.

6.NO. Eat well :
Protein can promote muscle growth, so you need to significantly increase your protein intake to develop muscle size and width. If you have not yet eaten a high protein diet, be sure to start adding healthy proteins such as lean meat, eggs and yogurt to your diet.

If you find yourself fighting against genetics, you can use supplements and use your muscles to exercise strength. This will help compensate for your body’s unwillingness to develop muscles. But be sure to choose the right supplements and use them properly to avoid any adverse effects on your overall health. It is best to consult your coach. It is important to remember that supplements should not be considered as a quick fix for larger muscles and should only be taken as recommended.

6 Keys For Wider And Thicker Weapons