I love weight training! I will choose some type of lizards that are pressed with dumbbells or dumbbells on any day of the week. Weight training is underestimated and underestimated, and it’s not even fun. Many fitness experts claim that you can not build muscle by weight alone. I tend to agree to some extent, but only if you do 25 sets of push-ups and 100 squats per group.But answering this question … What is the difference between the 3 maximum bench presses and the 3 times the largest hand push?

Do not!

Your body can not distinguish between a bar, a barbell, a kettlebell or its own weight. Only know the difficulty of contraction to move the resistance.

3 benefits of physical training…………………………………………!
1. Increase the frequency of training :

If you have been in the Iron Game for a while and you want to improve, you are likely to be defeated. Maybe you experience pain in the shoulder or a painful lower back after a bank? How is your elbow, how do you feel after a few triceps expansion groups?

All this pain helps one thing … spend less time in the gym. I can assure you that the number of people trained 200 times a year is much greater than that of people who only have 100 training sessions.

Well, the good news is that you can still continue to apply depth without the use of heat before and after training because the weight exercises provide a more natural range of motion, thus reducing the pressure on the joints of the body.

2. Greater neuromuscular needs :

Each time your body in space, the muscles demand the nerves of the body will increase, which means that the brain will recruit more muscle fibers, which will lead to greater strength gains and muscle pulled up instead of downwards removable. Both are the same movement, but they have to pull your body moves all in space, instead of pulling the folding tips.

Do not believe me? Look at the gymnasts, these are the best, best and strongest athletes in the world. All they do is train with weights the rings and bars, not to mention 6-7 full-time training sessions per week. To be honest, if you ask me, a person who pushes a hand is worse than a man who can put 200 kilograms.

3. Incidental training :

When you press, you obviously hit your chest, deltoids and triceps. The only way to open any additional muscle group is to do it consciously.

However, if you turn your stomach and do a push-up with your arm, now you have a lot of fortuitous training. In addition to your page, deltoids and triceps have been pacified, open your ridges to protect your shoulders, abs and buttocks fire to block your Tunbuxiachui, the limbs and hamstrings are lit to keep it up. The legs are straight.All this adds more time under stressful conditions, which leads to greater muscle growth.

People go wrong
As I said before, the exercises that people choose are very easy, except for more than 20 delegates. Get to endure the magic formula can be easily summarized …… “won a heavyweight bomb” – Pavel Tsatsouline, Beyond bodybuilding.Therefore, you must choose a more advanced exercise than push-ups and abs …Instead of lizards, try holding a push-up or a 1-arm push-up. Instead of chinups, try to climb muscles.Instead of inverting the line, try the front lever. (see the video below)

Try squatting instead of squatting.Instead of lunges, try the pistol squats.Instead of the bicep curls, try using the iron crossover or the bicep curls on the TRX strap.Instead of the triceps extension of the weight, try to lick the ring.I can assure you that if you try any of these exercises, you will really appreciate the difficulties of weight training.

Final Weight Exercise